Hi H,

How are you? I hope your aliyah is going smooth…

Yeah, I’m taking the course, I started this year. So far, I’m in love with the topic of mediation, conflict management, etc… The program at Bar Ilan itself is structured well although still new and thus, still growing… but basically they approach it the first year with required courses coming from political, sociological, historical, legal perspectives… and a seminar every other week with guest speakers from around the country for a bit of a realistic veiw… The readings and certain classes have benefited me the most… I’ll say some of the professors seem a bit indifferent in general, but that’s just professors I think.

Hebrew U also has a newish conflict resolution masters program, although I have heard that Hebrew U administration is very snotty and you need GREs, I’m 99% sure… whereas for Bar Ilan you don’t…

Also, I’ll warn you – Israeli uni is very very different than Anglo uni… I mean, it was an academic culture shock for me starting out… Deadlines are fuzzy, everyone is laid back, everyone has their own lives and their primary focus is not university… I dunno what you are like, but coming from typical American university, this has been the weirest thing to swallow since coming to Israel…

Well, I don’t know what else you want to know, but please feel free to ask me. I was in your position only last year and I wish I had someone I could have spoken to about this stuff.







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