Sports report.

Sports always appealed to me most when I could view it as a patriotic thing.Go New York! Go U.S.!Tonight could have been about Israel, but the fact is, the team is a lot of NBA rejects. Americans lost to the Russians tonight, not Israel.(Seems I was the only one of my Israeli hang out tonight... Continue Reading →

So far, so smooth.

Everyone told me what to expect: problems, rudeness, long lines, maybe even crying."If your parents' ketuba says 'temple' they will automatically assume they got married in a Reform process so they won't accept it. My friend had to go through hell to prove her parents were married and she was Jewish.""If you want your rabbi... Continue Reading →


You know that it's an Anglo when the t-shirt says, "Israel."You know that it's an Israeli when the t-shirt says, "Brazil."(And you know it's my brother when the t-shirt says, "Rami Levi.")

Remember what happens when you assume…

Taken from the JPost, words translated (April 24th) from Iranian President Ahmadinejad. I took the liberty of explaining some of his more - confusing- terms... Well, in any case, consider the links my commentary: "The greatest problem from which humanity suffers today, the main problem facing the countries of the Middle East, is the continuation... Continue Reading →

Erev Yom HaShoah.

I can't think of a better way to commermorate Yom HaShoah on the eve of the day in 2006 than to be listening to the Yad Vashem programming on the radio, a yarzheit candle lit nearby, and reading about the Iranian president's declarations to destroy Israel, unless the Jews return to their countries in Europe.

Part of the whole story.

Someone asked me to tell them about my aliyah experience for a school project so I ended up writing out a lot of the whole story, the first time I ever did that. Here it is, for me to remember, and in case there are holes elsewhere that needed filling in. I grew up in┬áStaten... Continue Reading →

Curious religiousity.

Apparently, my odd version of religious observance is stirring increasing curiousity amongst some coworkers. My office is mostly observant, from American-style modern orthodox to Israeli national-religious to Beit Shemesh black-and-white to full on Charedi.Me? I don't really talk about my religious observance style much. I never really consider anyone interested, but the more people I... Continue Reading →

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