My brother is attending his college graduation ceremony as I type this. I still appreciate how exciting, scary, relieving, nerve-wracking it is. Actually, I'm kind of nostalgic and 2006 me wouldn't mind saying 'hi' to 2004 me. But 2006 me also recognizes that if 2004 me knew that, then 2004 me would kick 2006 me's... Continue Reading →

A chance to explain.

I had a friend who once told me, "Your journal sucks when you're happy. It's more interesting when you're depressed."Well, this entry is for you.This was the ideal year for someone who only very recently made aliyah. A job, boy, apartment, grad school, all in one fell swoop. Chic chac. And less than a year... Continue Reading →

Extension cords.

We bought a whole bunch of extension cords today (to set up an office). I feel slightly more committed to Israel now; slightly more like a permanent resident. Why?Because after almost a year and a half, if someone asks me for an extension cord, I can reply, "Sure, what size?"

A new kind of bla.

[How do you express frustration properly in typed script?]Wedding planning is not fun for me. It's been very smooth, eventless, which is what most engaged couples probably desire. So for that I'm thankful, because I certainly didn't need the extra stress in my life of already working a full time job and going to school... Continue Reading →

Happy Herzl Day!

Happy Herzl Day! So Theodore Herzl officially received his own day, and here it is on the 10th day of Iyar. He's the guy who founded the Zionist World Congress in 1897 and pushed for Zionist awareness putting a modern state of Israel in the forefront of people's minds.I tink it's silly to argue what... Continue Reading →

Frozen in time and place.

The key to the siren is to let it be natural; to not expect it and to not anticipate it.Then you are really being frozen in time and place; then your day is truly interrupted.[AP photo, courtesy of Jpost][Apparently the siren is a secular, 'goyish' concept. Some argue for Kaddish to be read over these... Continue Reading →

Memorial day.

התקוה בת שנות אלפים, להיות עם חופשי בארצנו..." - התקוה..."Hope born two thousand years; to be free in our own land...

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