Had I been Afrewish…

If a Jewish state had been established in Uganda, as Herzl had one time proposed, I think I might have still emigrated to there. Not that I'm saying it should have been done, because obviously the ideal place is Eretz Yisroel, makes the most sense. And I still would have believed wholehartedly in Zionism even... Continue Reading →


There is a monster living in our apartment.I know it's a natural part of living in a tropical region; I know that it's expected living in a city...But they are so much worse in the Middle East...

Who is strong?

I was giving my (Israeli) friend chizuk."I know how hard it is to confront people, tell them off... I get that. And I get that you are an optimistic person, you like to see the good in people, so you're hoping that she'll come around...""That's called naive. It would be sad because I wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Old man strategy.

I have a new stategy for conversing with old men on the bus or at the bus stops or in the makolets.I give them the conversational responses they would give me... It totally stumps them! And, obviously, it sharpens my old man conversational hebrew.Old man on bus: "Boy, was it hot today."Me: "Yup."Old man on... Continue Reading →

Come on, late comers!

For those out there who are only realizing summer break is upon us, and still need something to do this summer - maybe something to beef up their resume? maybe something to relax them? maybe something different than they do all year round?...consider visiting this site: Israel Programs Center. Maybe you just need an excuse... Continue Reading →

Orange-haired Mizrachi lady.

In my head, I gave her three guesses."So you're achrei tzava?""No. I wasn't in the army. I'm an olah chadasha.""Oh, you look 20, chamuda. So you're 18?""Yeah, I know... No, 23.""You probably hear that a lot...""Yeah.""What nice shirt! So did you get that back in Russia?""No... the States.""Aaaah."

Artistic bags.

Whoever manufactures those little colourful plastic bags they use in the shuk, in the grocery stores, in the makolets, in the street fairs, in the everywhere, in the every place, is probably loaded.

Sending out an S.O.S.

I know when I've listened to too much Galgalatz.I keep hearing the same song, over and over......and then I realize it's the goddamn Gal-Gal-Galgalatz motif.Please, can someone start another radio station that I can write an overdue paper to?

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