Who is strong?

I was giving my (Israeli) friend chizuk.

“I know how hard it is to confront people, tell them off… I get that. And I get that you are an optimistic person, you like to see the good in people, so you’re hoping that she’ll come around…”

“That’s called naive. It would be sad because I wouldn’t be standing up for myself to her; when people yell at me, fine, yell, I just stand there. I can’t talk at that minute.”

“Of course not, I can’t either.”

“What? Of course you can. You always have an opinion and argue back.”

“Not if someone is yelling at me, attacking me.”

“Yeah you do. You’re all alone, you have to.”


“You’re here by yourself, there’s no one else here to yell for you.”

Huh. While that’s true, I can’t say that I’ve become any better at arguing or yelling back or protecting myself. I might be officially Israeli, but I am still very much culturally American. Even if that disappoints my Israeli friends’ expectations…






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