Come on, late comers!

For those out there who are only realizing summer break is upon us, and still need something to do this summer –
maybe something to beef up their resume?
maybe something to relax them?
maybe something different than they do all year round?

…consider visiting this site: Israel Programs Center. Maybe you just need an excuse to come to Israel. Maybe you want a trial run before aliyah.

Basically, the Jewish Agency has this little department who’s mission is to get you on a short-term (and that depends on how short or long you’re willing to stay) program to Israel, interning in high tech, training to be a medic or firefighter, learning Hebrew and working on a kibbutz, playing in the army, etc etc.

And don’t worry about it being so late in the season already – the Jewish Agency excels at lateness!

Feel free to spread this info and contact me with questions (how to do this cheaply, for example); I did an aliyah trial run through the internship program myself and I know a few people who have done a few of those programs. And I used to work for the IPC.






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