It hurts.

“Several haredi MKs received a letter on Wednesday threatening to rape girls in the haredi community if any marchers in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade were harmed.”

“For every marcher you hurt, 10 religious girls will be raped,” the letter said. “We swear to take revenge on you with the full gravity of the law. You have been warned.”

The letter was signed by an unknown group claiming to be associated with the gay community.

Ok. Everyone just stop. What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Fine, that’s not exactly how I’d approach this as a mediator. I think I know where my thesis topic is going…

(I wonder if it’s extremists posing to be this ‘group’… It doesn’t really make sense, raping and then pursuing revenge will the full gravity of the law, does it?)






  1. lisoosh Avatar

    Yeah right, cause we all know gay men want nothing more than to rape religious women. When a letter such as this conforms so well to a ridiculous stereotype the smell is just overwhelming.

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