Israel activism 2.0

What happened to the good old days, when you’d stay up until 4:30 a.m. in the Hillel office designing posters and copying fliers for the next morning’s defending-Israel rally?

Well, as times change, it seems things get easier. Or at least more organized. StandWithUs is an organization dedicated to defending and promoting Israel and her affairs on and off campus. I happened across a section of their site which is a collection of fliers and posters as pdfs, ready for the downloading, printing and distributing that must ensue.

They’re really going all out with it, too. They’ve collected fliers in English, Hebrew, French and now Arabic. The collection covers current topics, like Jimmy Carter, and classics including Israel investment and good ‘ole Zionism. Of course, there is a rather large section covering the “Terror Protection Fence,” (is that what they are calling it these days?).

If you have a use for this, or know someone who does, the site is here.






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    Thank you. I am a uni student involved in Israel advocacy, and I think I will find this extremely useful. Thanks.

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