Dead for deadlines.

Bar Ilan University is officially out for between-semesters break. That is, unless you have finals. Then you're screwed.I don't have finals, but I have tons of fun in the form of papers. I owe two papers from last year: One on narrative mediation and the other covering the Jewish language war in pre-1948 Palestine. Aside... Continue Reading →

So long, Stella.

I had been contemplating it for a while and came to the conclusion - not on my own, though - that Stella needed a better living situation (and so did my husband). I realized that there was no way my apartment could feel harmonious with those two animals living on top of each other. I've... Continue Reading →

Free calls to Israel!?

UPDATE: Apparently the site I reviewed below is now defunct. This page gets a lot of traffic so I thought I'd help out by saying that Skype is a decent option and so is Israel's very own JaJah. I have friends who use Rebtel, which I find a little convoluted. Google Talk is my main... Continue Reading →

Answering anonymous.

Anonymous left this comment the other day. It's a topic I've been meaning to address and haven't had the energy to face.So do you have any regrets? Do you feel more spiritual as a Jew living there? Does it feel like you are just living in another country, and you are just 'comfortable?' Do you... Continue Reading →

Untitled, uninspired.

I have this creative energy going on, but I'm feeling stuck. It's not just here; it's everywhere. My schoolwork, my job. My friends. My country. I'm feeling incredible amounts of potential and no airflow.I'm wondering what exactly is stuck; is it one thing, like a pebble in an engine? It is that the whole mechanism... Continue Reading →

Something everyone can agree on.

There has been a lot of bad news going on around my area of life; too many kids getting sick, especially cancer-sick.Because this is a bit personal, I'm passing along a message from an old friend:Want to shave your head for childhood cancer?No? Well I do.... and I will... but I need your help. Please... Continue Reading →

Not being Israeli naivete.

Sometimes I miss not being Israeli so that I could come here and feel the naive happiness at being back in Israel after however many months. Before I moved here, a year and a half didn't go by when I hadn't visited since I was 18. Every time I had this feeling as I'd look... Continue Reading →

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