City feature: Tel Aviv

Me and Tel Aviv are like those cousins you have that aren't blood relatives, but you see each other every Pesach or something. Here are some photos I took of the 'White City' in 2004, on the trip I took before my aliyah jazz. Tel Aviv, like Jerusalem, can be a city of contrasts at... Continue Reading →

Superbowl vs. super gooooal!

Been living in Jerusalem two years, currently residing in Katamonim, and I haven't been to a Beitar Yerushalayim game?Got a call after shabbat to join some Aussies to watch the game; we are no longer Beitar-virgins. The fact is, we couldn't have rooted for Ashdod if we had wanted to; if you're a Jerusalemite then... Continue Reading →

Salt treaties.

Ok, I know this is weird. We bought a gift, this set of salt and pepper shakers that are two - things - hugging each other. C'mon, it was cute......enough for me to do a little salt 'n peppa photo shoot. And it fits so well with my budding mediation schemes. Hugging? Black and white?... Continue Reading →

Mediator-love goes 'round.

Part 1Wow, I got blown away this morning when I checked my email to find a message from Geoff Sharp, a commercial mediator in New Zealand. First of all, his name sounds so familiar and I'm fairly sure I've come across it in my mediation studies several times. Second of all, a big fancy mediator... Continue Reading →

Mediation on the brain.

So my intense last-minute focus on this narrative mediation paper has really got me thinking again; at least, thinking about mediation.While I don't necessarily agree with all narrative mediation has to say, I do think looking at the world as a series of stories - lacking any one truth to prove - has its benefits.... Continue Reading →

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