Salt treaties.

Ok, I know this is weird. We bought a gift, this set of salt and pepper shakers that are two – things – hugging each other. C’mon, it was cute…

…enough for me to do a little salt ‘n peppa photo shoot. And it fits so well with my budding mediation schemes. Hugging? Black and white? Ying yang?

So I’m also a budding photographer. And I need to take my creative energy out on something. So what. Until I get some real subjects, this is what I got.






  1. leygue Avatar

    nice blog, very interesting.

  2. Michael Galpert Avatar
    Michael Galpert

    where do you host your images. you can get a free account at they give you 4 gigs a month for an entire year (if u are a blogger). and they are going to roll out some new products in march that will be really cool.

    anyways be well, do good.


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