Topic diving.

About 6 months ago the time to start developing a thesis topic arrived. I'm at my fifth idea after four have been rejected by either my overseeing professor or myself. At this point, I'm even minus an overseeing professor and I have no idea where to turn for assistance.I will say, though, that my rejection... Continue Reading →

Today's Word: מתיחות

Today's word is brought to you by my new hip hop class. As mentioned, I started taking dance classes. I learned last Monday that I don't mix well with organized dance. On Friday I decided to go with something a little bit looser, so I joined a street hip hop class. It was a lot... Continue Reading →

Weather report.

Last night, in Jerusalem, we experienced a hot rain. It doesn't usually rain here in May, and certainly not in a tropical hot rain kind of way.Today, the sky is yellow. See for yourself:I hope tomorrow it'll rain cats and dogs so that we can be rid of that stupid phrase.

Students, leave those teachers alone.

It's kinda funny that I'm supposed to be studying Conflict Management & Negotiation right now and instead the government, university heads and students are all at battle with each other.Hmm... What would I say if I could speak my mind?Anyway. Here's a photo I took of a hauntingly empty classroom where education is supposed to... Continue Reading →

Israeli dancing.

Tonight I learned - nay - was reminded that there's a reason why my parents didn't sign me up for a second year of ballet and I dropped out of Israeli dancing class in sixth grade.I can't dance.Well, that's not true. I can bump and grind and rock out in front of any mirror any... Continue Reading →

City feature: Haifa

Now that summer is upon us, there's a new series of jokes going around the cynical Israeli circuit, which revolve around the same punchline: "So, what are you doing this summer?" "That depends - when does the war start and end?" "Hey, feeling like a weekend in a tzimmer?" "Maybe; but let's wait for the... Continue Reading →

33 means fire.

It's the night of Lag B'Omer, which means Jerusalem is up in smoke, though we've done it to ourselves. Bonfires abound (as do marshmallows) as we celebrate... Wait, what is it we're celebrating? It seems to matter not; all anyone wants to do is run around the city and collect wood and burn things. Kind... Continue Reading →

Showing more than leg.

My leg is famous thanks to BY's photography and this website:"Elections now."It's funny because I don't necessarily believe in elections now, but it may be the start of a political-modeling career.

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