Cracked-out Sesame Street marketing.

I once wrote about a bizarre and freaky Israeli marketing technique employed by the phone company using a cracked-out bird cartoon for a new campaign.It seems cracked-out Sesame Street marketing is popular around these parts.Call the Bezeq alcoholic parrot the Big Bird approach, if you will.Well, here comes more freakiness - the obese and sketchy... Continue Reading →

The every-day.

There comes a point - after you move far away from where you grew up - when you realize that you've been cut off from the every-day, and even from the once-in-a-while.A few months into the self-induced separation, the happy birthdays and mazal tovs flow; you invite each other to happenings from across the oceans... Continue Reading →

Same, same but different.

I saw not one - not two - but three different guys wearing "SAME SAME/BUT DIFFERENT" t-shirts today.When young Israelis finish the army, they collect whatever savings they have and venture off into the wilderness that Southeast Asia has to offer. One of their main stops is Thailand, where everything is cheap and shopping is... Continue Reading →

How to get by these days.

These are hard times. There's war in the air.If you're feeling despair, here's an exercise to make you feel better: 1. Open a new file or folder in your computer.2. Name it "Ehud Olmert".3. Send it to the trash.4. Empty the trash.5. Your computer will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of... Continue Reading →

Typical, every day.

Today is a typical day in Israel. A weekday, a Thursday, a typical day in the State of Israel.And three articles in today's newspaper brought me to tears in the middle of a bus ride.The first told stories of Ethiopian Jews who died or were killed on the way to Israel.The second was the voice... Continue Reading →

Home center.

I rag on Jerusalem a lot. Blame it on the love/hate. And the weird rain. But, in honour of Jerusalem Day today, I will make an announcement that is happy; for the city, anyway.We've decided to stay in Jerusalem for at least another year. This is not out of charity (that the city really needs... Continue Reading →

Another rainy Jerusalem day… in May.

It's unnaturally pouring outside. Dark cloudy sky, thunder, lightening, the whole package. It rarely rains like this in the winter, nevermind summer. It's also not a blessing for it to rain at this time of year.Is God angry at us? Well, he couldn't have picked a better day to express it. It's Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem... Continue Reading →

There's always that.

Friend and I discussing how crappy the all-around situation is in Israel right now:Friend: What we need is all my friends in Israel to take over the government.Me: You couldn't pay me. Government is shit. It's the thing that exists so that someone else out there can rebel against it and make life better.Friend: You're... Continue Reading →

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