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I rag on Jerusalem a lot. Blame it on the love/hate. And the weird rain. But, in honour of Jerusalem Day today, I will make an announcement that is happy; for the city, anyway.

We’ve decided to stay in Jerusalem for at least another year. This is not out of charity (that the city really needs middle class young Israelis to assist in demographics). It’s out of the fact that our living situation is actually not actually bad – the apartment is in a great location with a great deal. Also the fact that there’s nothing for us out there in exo-Jerusalem; we’re not a young family with kids looking for suburbia.

So, here’s to another year – nearly my third – of living in Jerusalem: the capital of conflict, the capital of peace, the capital of us Jews for as long as we can remember.






  1. ifyouwillit... Avatar

    Really pleased to hear you’re staying (and I like the banner-header-thing).

  2. Jack's Shack Avatar
    Jack’s Shack

    Wish I was still there.

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