Clue #287 that you're Israeli…

It doesn’t seem like 2.5 years is enough to forget where you come from and one of the biggest national holidays of your motherland. But I guess it is enough for me.

Not only did I forget it was July 4th, Independence Day, quite a few times today – but it took a Brit and an Aussie to remind me…

Oh well. I’m holding out for Thanksgiving, anyway.






  1. ifyouwillit... Avatar

    Always here to help!

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Maybe it’s because for most of my life this was July 4th: 7.4.2000
    And not this: 4.7.2000

  3. amechad Avatar

    I sort of remembered but being at work, I forgot that no one in the US is at work (except in retail and restaurants)

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