Solution for the wee hours…

Yesh! Jerusalem/Egged is introducing a “solution for the small hours” of the night with late-night bus service across town. It extends pretty far and wide, including Gilo, Ramot, Givaat Ze’ev, Mevasseret and even Maale Adumim. I’m actually impressed with the service as listed in the flier below, which I found on the street; why hadn’t I heard about it from the newspapers or street ads?

I also wonder if it has to do with the long-promised Jerusalem light rail, whose opening date has recently been pushed off – again.

egged bus

We did witness a few of the buses tonight running along Emek Refaim. Nice one, guys.






  1. israluv Avatar

    thurs night while sitting near shlomotzi… we saw the 101 and 106 buses… at 2:30 AM. no large announcement from the city… rather a small article in the jpost over shabbat (after the line started running)

  2. amechad Avatar

    Just saw the ad for it on the side of a bus stop on Emek — but it was missing the map – smart, huh?

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