On museums and Annapolis – shmalapolis.

Jerusalem is once again hosting חמשושלים, that period when museums go late Thursday nights and restaurants discount themselves for the weekend.We chose to visit the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. I never felt any specific or strong feelings towards Menachem Begin - the sixth prime minister of Israel and former Beitar movement head and Irgun strategizer.... Continue Reading →

Brothers, sons, teachers, students.

Not quite street art, but temporarily tonight Keren HaYessod street was painted with the anger and frustration of local teachers: The sign reads: "Brother, brother! Your son is my student!" Sometimes, this country seems like one big block party where literally everyone is separated by a few degrees. In this case, the holders of the... Continue Reading →

An Israeli workday.

This hasn't happened in a while, but today was a high terror alert in Jerusalem so the police were everywhere. Here's what I watched from my office window after police discovered a suspicious package near the Malha mall:  The bomb squad guy getting the act together with (Israeli) man's best friend.   Traffic backed up... Continue Reading →

What kind of doctor *are* you?

Why is it that whenever I go to my doctor for an issue, I always end up with a referral to get a blood test? Is that universal to Israeli kupot doctors? Seriously, watch this: "Doc, I think I injured my knee." "We should get your blood count." "Doc, I've been getting weird headaches lately."... Continue Reading →

Today's word: celeb/סלב

So the Globes article I was interviewed for came out today: My first Israeli 15 minutes of fame... You might call me a סלב (pronounced 'celeb'). Can you guess what it means? Creative, I know. UPDATE: Here's the section of the article where I yap about Facebook. It's the best I could do, they don't... Continue Reading →

Israeli turkeyliciousness.

Happy Thanksgiving 2007. As I've done for my last two Israeli Thanksgivings, I went to work today and am planning a big Thanksgiving Friday night Shabbat dinner of juicy Americanness. It wasn't until I had eaten my first slice that I realized the humor in me choosing Mama Oaf turkey slices for lunch today... Actually,... Continue Reading →

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