Hump Day.

My mom has this thing that on Wednesdays she announces that it’s Hump Day. Of course, the first time she said this to me I freaked. Then she explained that Wednesday is the middle of the week; when you get past the hump of Wednesday, you’re halfway to the weekend.

What’s funny is that Hump Day is actually Tuesday for me now, and I’ve gotten terribly used to it. It was hard at first, getting to know Sunday as Monday, Monday as Tuesday, etc. We don’t have cases of the Mondays here; instead they are cases of Sundays. Thursday night is the appropriate time to give yourself away to Friday morning headache, and Saturday night is a chillaxed beer or two – after all, gotta get up for work early the next day.

Oh, and we don’t have T.G.I.F. We have T.G.I.T.

That’s what the week is like here in Israel. A lot of people don’t know that ’round these parts we start the week on Sunday. It sucks, yes; but after all, we do celebrate Hump Day one day earlier.






  1. Miss Worldwide Avatar

    Actually, when I went back to London after my 3 months in Tel Aviv, sunday actually felt like monday… it was really strange.

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