Bar Ilan update.

Haven’t heard from the Bar Ilan front in a while, have you? Were you starting to lose hope? Did you think I gave up?

Well, honestly, there’s been nothing to update. I finished taking courses a year ago. I finished my last paper months ago.

Then why is there no degree hanging proudly on my bathroom wall?

I wondered the same thing a month ago. I started calling administrative offices to find out. What did I find out? What was the missing piece?

A ptur in English.

That’s an exemption for needing to take an advanced English course, folks. Required because, granted, most university students here are not native English speakers. And all you need, at the most basic level, as an immigrant native English speaker, is to have studied your first degree at an Anglo university. You just submit a photocopy of your university diploma, and boom, you’re done with that.

Yes, I did do this five years ago when I applied. Somebody out there must have made an ‘oops’ at some point in the 34856203864 years it’s taken to finish the degree.

So, that’s what I’m working on. Not an overdue paper. Not a thesis.

An exemption in English.






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