You can’t stay mad at me…

There are a gajillion reasons why kids are fascinating. Here’s one:

I spent last week on a business trip to New York City. It was my seventh time traveling since getting pregnant with Koala. It was my fifth time traveling since he was born.

It was my first time in seven trips traveling without him.

The morning after I left, I’m told he searched the second floor of our apartment as his father tried to explain to him that mama is not around right now. He went from my side of the bed, to the bathroom, to the stairs, calling, ‘MA!’

After that, he seemed well-adjusted. At his gan, the teachers told my husband, you’d never know anything was different – he was so well-behaved!

I did ok, too. There were harder times – like when I waited for my flight out at the airport the night I left. I started to wonder if I was ridiculous for doing this. How could I leave my baby like that? For work?

But the week was mostly ok. I was anxious by the end to get home; especially with the chance my flight would be delayed and I’d have to stay the weekend. But it turned out fine, and I walked out of the arrivals hall to Koala, half asleep, looking up at me, smiling.


Today, I went into the gan to pick him up. He ran straight for me, excited to see me there again as normal. It was obvious and incredibly cute. I chatted with the ganenet a little while; she told me how well-behaved he was while I was gone. How well he eats. Oh, but one thing…

He’s been hitting other kids. Funny, it just started last week. Has he done that at home?

Why, it just so happens he recently started – this weekend, actually. Hitting me, in fact. With a little evil monkey face.

So, Koala was mad. Or resentful. And he’s showing me that.

Actually, that makes me feel a lot better.







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