Koala update: Twenty two months.

I can’t believe my newborn/almost one-year-old/one-year-old/one-and-a-half-year-old/nearly two-year-old is nearly two years old.

I can’t believe we can have conversations that rate somewhere between caveman grunts and sentences.

And it’s been fun to hear him react to others, whether it’s a toy he converses with or one random day a couple weeks ago, on the way out of the car to go to gan, he turns to Abba and says, ‘See you soon!’

This month we also get a response after telling him we love him – ‘I you.’

Maybe the chattiness has to do with the reading he enjoys; I assume the language of his gibberish goes both ways, since he is an avid reader both at gan and at home.

The tantrums have taken a turn for the hectic lately, but I’m ok with attributing that to… ‘personality.’ People don’t become great without a little defiance, right?

And maybe in some alternative universe, it’s perfectly appropriate to throw a fit if your sleeves aren’t rolled up.






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