Bed times.

Isn’t it amazing learning about yourself through your kids’ personalities? Realizing which of your traits they’ve received? Every time I discover a new way we’re alike, I learn so much more about myself…

Koala is that kid in nursery. That kid. The one who, at nap time, stays awake. Shuffles around. Looks at the ceiling as if a story is written there. Waits until the first kid wakes, and shoots up, ready to roll.

Just like his mama was.

And then we feed off each other’s energy. As we’re transitioning from crib to bed – which has proven a bit challenging – it isn’t me who’s able to calm him into sleep; it’s his abba. I’m wanting to jump in there alongside him, to pretend the bed is a boat. Or a horse. Or a cave.

Even when I try to relax him by reading him a story – which gets boring, so I make up my own – he starts asking me questions. Which I totally fall for. And the next thing I know, we’re having a discussion about Bubbe’s house or cakes or where the airplane is taking us. Then we’re laughing.

Then I’m falling asleep next to him in the bed.






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