We are the Anglos in Israel.

Over seven years here, and you know what? It's time to own it. Way to own it, Yosef Adest! And check out the bloopers for Sh*t Anglos in Israel Say. Great job, guys! [Psst, Adest lives here]

Fifty-Two Frames: Dirty.

Visiting my hometown this week: Staten Island. Need I say more? So much opportunity: the landfill, the sanitation building, New Jersey, the beach, American cash, the natives, the tanning salons... But I ran out of time and good weather. Week 8: Dirty There was a Snooki the day before, but I messed up and forgot... Continue Reading →

So *this* is mother guilt.

I'm panicking. I'm even kind of shaking. I know it's ridiculous, but then again, I really don't. Bebe and I are leaving tonight on a two-week trip to New York and Florida to visit family. I've been really looking forward to this trip for weeks. It was an 'on a whim' thing, and I think... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Color.

Photography-wise, I decided to take the project seriously this week. So I dug out a lil something from a past life - make up - and braved the windy mirpeset to get some sunlight last Friday. P.S. How appropriate that I ended up having this conversation during Color week? Week 7: Color

Color ignorant.

The innocence of babes is alive and well... even if it's for just a few short years. Koala and I were looking at a book last night. He pointed to a picture of a brown-skinned teacher. "What's that?" "A teacher." Pointing lower, "what's that?" "Her legs." "What's the brown?" I've been wondering when he'd ask.... Continue Reading →

I live here.

Loving the weather. On my walk today, I literally went off the beaten track and decided to do what I've been wanting to do for months. I turned into the valley here in Tzur Hadassah and walked through our local nature zone. The grass is *spectacular* because of all the rain we've been getting. Lush, green,... Continue Reading →

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