Super Bowl XLVI, the ex-pat-but-also-tired-parent way.

I’m a NY Giants fan, which means when I care, which is rare, I’m following them because I’m from New York, it’s what my family does, and it’s who I am, and F you anyway.

Four years ago, the day we moved to Tsur Hadassah, was the last Super Bowl, the incredible event where the Giants kicked the faces of the Patriots in an amazing game that was talked about for its thrill and passion, something not always present at a Super Bowl.

And I missed it.

Because I was unpacking, exhausted, and didn’t even know how to drive from Tsur to Jerusalem. I followed the game in slow motion on the internet as sites updated scores live, while stealing my new neighbors’ wifi.

I thought I’d never have another chance.

And then I did! The Rematch, what an incredible deja vu, been following it for weeks as it all got narrowed down.

Found sites to stream it on, set up the browser, had work to do until kickoff… and then I said F it and went to bed. That’s being a tired American parent, in a different timezone during the Super Bowl.

I kinda thought a kid would end up waking me in time to catch the last 30 minutes. In fact, a kid did wake me up, just in time for the final score to be posted and the first photos of Eli Manning and the Gang looking ecstatic.

So I missed it.

Giants, Patriots – see you in 2016?






5 responses to “Super Bowl XLVI, the ex-pat-but-also-tired-parent way.”

  1. Kate Avatar

    Sad! But if you watch ESPN today you’ll see all the highlights, no?
    My husband stayed up to watch–I did the sensible thing and went to bed. And had horrific insomnia and barely slept anyway.

    1. elie Avatar

      Yeah, I’ve been catching up. I can’t believe I did it TWICE.

      I think the real problem, though, is that I had no chevra to watch with. I realized I have no male American friends where I live. ok, that’s sexist, but in any case – no *interested* American friends…

  2. Benji Lovitt Avatar

    I spent $20 to watch it on You can probably log in and watch the whole thing if you want. In other news, you probably feel rested today while I feel like garbage.

    1. elie Avatar

      Wow, no kidding. They let you do that even without a US IP address? I would have done that too. If I wasn’t a party pooper.

      1. Benji Lovitt Avatar

        Yep, thank goodness.

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