Bebe update: Eleven months.

You know what I love about you and your brother lately? The playing together, side by side. The amazed curiosity with which you watch everything he does. The way you listen to everything he says, with your mouth wide open in a gawky smile.

Hello, little world traveler. If by world I mean Israel + New York + Florida in the same month. A big family tour.

And, zooming in on the traveling – you’ve been cruising up a storm, which upgraded to strolling like a proud grandma with a walker.

You’ve also had a chance to come out of your little modest, calm, collected shell. An attention upgrade will do that. Apparently, it will also turn you very clingy.

You’ve been communicating strongly – even using strong hand motions and ‘words’ – before we left, but in America, you found your voice. Was it your brother’s not being around? Center of attention for once? More… todah… banana… ‘Mama’ has turned into ‘Ima,’ even. Well, you can keep talking – we all want to hear what you have to say 11 months in…

And after two weeks apart, you two have just bounced back. When I’d show you a video or picture of Koala while we were away, you’d instantly smile and get excited. Every time. And when we walked in to gan and picked him up when we returned, you just kept your eyes on him, staring up and smiling.

You even tolerated his dictating your Purim costume, making a wonderful Esther to his perfect Mordechai.






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