Homecoming: Koala edition.

Bebe and I returned home from the airport and the countdown began till we went to pick up Koala from gan. It would only be a few hours.

I was nervous, I’m not gonna lie. Part of me thought my little drama king would burst out crying and prove right the judgmental thoughts of the daycare staff. But whatever  was to happen, I knew there’d be payback.

When I arrived, I opened the door and there happened to be standing one Koala, dressed in his Purim finest (‘Mordechai HaYehudi, Ima!’). He looked up at me and had a ‘whoa’ face – ‘whoa, she’s right there!’

I bent down and gave him a huge smushy hug and kisses. We chatted a little; he was stunned but smiling. Ima!

The thing about coming back right before Purim is, we have a whole weekend to bond again and have fun together before routine starts next week.

Also, payback is a female… horse.







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