Segulah this.

Shared with me by an old colleague, I thought it timely to post now after yesterday’s  religion rambles and rants.

Definition of segulah ranges from folk remedy to supernatural cure.

Best Time Tested Segulos

Segulah for recovery from illness: Go to a doctor (Berachot 60a, Bava Kamma 46b)

Segulah for longevity: Lead a healthy lifestyle (Rambam, Deos 4:20)

Segulah for marriage: Look for a suitable wife (Kiddushin 2b)

Segulah for shalom bayis: Love and forbearance (Sanhedrin 7a, Bava Metzia 59a)

Segulah for Kavanna in prayer: Take it seriously (Berachot 5:1)

Segulah to prevent drowning: Learn how to swim (Kiddushin 30a)

Segulah for honest Paranasa: Learn a profession (ibid)

Segulah for pure faith: Don’t believe in segulot (Devarim 18:13)

It’s nice to see practical Judaism once in a while.

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