Bebe update: Twelve months.

Good night, beautiful little Bebe.

I’m looking at you after you’ve fallen asleep at my chest. You’re exhausted after an active day in the warm April sun over Jerusalem. Your eyes are shut and your forehead is glistening with sweat from our body heat together.

You’re an amazing creature.

It’s been a year since you came to me. And spent the next twelve months teaching me about… modesty. About watching and soaking it all in. About patience. About waiting and enjoying it when it finally comes. About gratitude. About smiling appreciatively, about making other people feel good by reflecting their own goodness.

You’re my nature baby. Fresh air, cool water, soft grass, warm sun. You feel these things and you truly enjoy them and it makes me enjoy them. I’m lucky to have you for that.

In other news, you’ve spent the last month standing up for yourself. Testing it, trying it, taking it further. I think you know what’s coming next. Looking forward to watching you take that first step.

Chalk it up to your genetics, to your ever-present older brother, to your observational skills, but you’ve got a funny bone or two and you’re beginning to grow your inner goof. I’ve been saying it since those first few weeks, and it’s only getting better…

Happy birthday, my funny, funky, fantastic Bebe.






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  1. Judy Labensohn Avatar

    What a beautiful post fabout a beautiful baby.

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