Bebe update: Fifteen months.

You’ve got three molars coming in at once. That doesn’t define you this month, but it does define how my night has been with you. That is to say cuddling you on my chest, stroking your silky hair, while you gently fall asleep, comfort-feeding, your arms thrown around me.

It’s nice when you’re not shouting in pain.

What does define you this month? Walking with attempts at running. Trying to keep up with your brother, who you’ve started giving nicknames to. Getting pissy when you don’t get your way, in a subtle not-so-subtle reminder that the misnamed terrible-twos are about to be upon us. Talking – a lot.

I guess you’re a toddler now? I guess it’s pretty cute that you’ve started telling me when you’re peeing? It’s definitely cute that the one part of the face you can identify with confidence is the ‘bouf’? And you’re not afraid to stick your fingers in anyone’s?






Whadya got: