Bebe update: Seventeen months.

Transition is tough, little one, but here we are, all of us, flowing through it, year after year.

Your first day of gan I came to get you, and before you spotted me I caught a glimpse of you and I saw my own little round face, as I imagine it must have looked, so sad, so hopeless, wondering if I would ever see my mommy again. And then you look up and see, after minutes and countless minutes of waiting, that yes, Ima was coming all along.

It’s getting better though. That’s what happens, B.

And while working out your gan life, your home life continues to be a monkey-see-monkey-do education, though often enough it’s monkey-teach-the-older-monkey-a-thing-or-two.

And the amazing thing is just how much that ‘second child’ personality is starting to shine through. Yesterday, Koala climbed the tallest tree stump in the set. So you climbed the second tallest. And after he had lept from it and run off proudly, you ever so quietly grabbed on to it and climbed to the top of the tallest. And stood there, smiling, defiant.

But all the love you have to give is flowing from you these days as you’ve fallen for the בובה בובה you so tenderly care for. It’s seriously the sweetest thing in the world, to watch a babe care for her baby doll.






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