I loved dress up as a kid. I love it now. Long live dress up! In honor of my homesickness this week and canceled Halloween across New Jersey, we played dress up after gan today. Butterflies, princesses, and duck-faced farmers included. Fairies first. His combo... Shoes are the best part anyway. He particularly enjoyed becoming... Continue Reading →

Highway coffee love happiness.

It suddenly dawned on me, walking along the highway outside Tzur Hadassah for the 3907584376th time... ...our highway signs advertise coffee as the pit stop attraction. Maybe they did in the US too, but the icons here look like a hafuch (cappuccino). I dunno why, I just love it.

Fifty-Two Frames: Curves

Reunited with an old recreation, up in Haifa this week. The beckoning, sensual nature of the hookah's shape always seemed to directly reflected the possibilities it offered. Week 43: Curves "A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles." - old school film director Wesley Ruggles

Little Midrash, Lizrael style.

"Do you know what this week's parsha is? Lech Lecha. Basically... Avraham Avinu, do you know who that is? No? So... he was the first Jew. He had the first brit milah. Do you know what that is? Well. You had one... All yehudim with a penis have one. So all boys who are yehudim... Continue Reading →

Women’s rites.

It stresses me to my inner core to take out the garbage. The communal bins are at the end of the block, and I have to pull and pray the thin orange membrane containing three days of garbage doesn't tear and turn the situation into an episode of Sitcom Liz. This morning, after boker tov-ing... Continue Reading →

Not so fast: Tzur Hadassah mikvah update

About a month ago, we took a walk to where the currently-malfunctioning mikvah stands in Tzur Hadassah. Apparently, 'they' have found donors/money to get it functional, (I understand the malfunction is a plumbing issue) and it seems the rest of the area is getting prepped as well. The road leading to it from next to... Continue Reading →

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