Bebe update: Eighteen months.

I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes, I look at you, in your eyes, and you return it with a look that scares the crap out of me.

I know it’s an unfair question, but promise to always love me, ok?

You’re a year-and-a-half, B, and for some reason I’ve been looking forward to this mark for a while.

What’s new?

  • Your desire to sit on the toilet. Legs crossed. Lady like. Sorry, it’s cute, I had to mention it.
  • You’re fighting back. Sounds a little wrong, but you know what? It’s a tough world. You’re one of the youngest at gan, you have an older brother, and you live in a macho society. Not to mention… Israel. So yeah. You fight back.
  • The speaking. Oh, the speaking. “Help me.” “Take it.” And when reading Green Eggs and Ham tonight, your progressively deeper ‘aaaaam’ when I paused before the last syllable of each sentence. Weirdo.
  • Your unconditional love of Dora. Or Doo-ra as you pronounce it. Also, you kind of look like her.
  • You went swimming! For real this time. Warmer water, happier you. Arm floaties, kicking, cuteness. In a pool and the Kinneret.
  • You really enjoy finger painting. And table painting. And body painting. And also paint eating.






Whadya got: