What Gaza rocket attacks look & sound like in southern Israel (kids included)

The mainstream news isn’t reporting it, or when they do, they’re not giving you much of a personal picture. Whether it’s their job or not, or they’re fatigued or not, or this is what the readership wants or not – well, it leaves it up to the rest of us to paint the terrible but personal picture.

The rocket attacks from Gaza, produced by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and company, are raining down on southern Israel on a daily basis now – actually, make that hourly. Despite an unofficial ceasefire that ended with 13 new rockets courtesy of Islamic Jihad. Yesterday saw over one hundred rockets, which have hit buildings and caused casualties in residential areas.

Yes, Israel has sent IDF planes over Gaza to carry out missions against the terrorists and militants releasing their rockets from residential areas. Yes, that creates a similar situation for Gazan children. Yes, we all need to understand what the entire picture entails for all of us on either side of the border.

Here’s what the rocket attacks sound like when you’re standing in Ashdod:

And what they look like being launched from a residential area in Gaza into Israel:

Click to watch the video.

Here’s what it looks like when it hits a target – a private house – in Netivot:

Another perspective of the direct hit in Netivot this morning:

Here’s what the rocket attacks in Israel look like from the nighttime point of view of children sleeping in bomb shelters:

Here’s what it looks like when southern Israeli children have been trained to duck and cover under school desks – and actually have to do it, at any given minute:

Here’s what it looks like when a children’s event is interrupted by a rocket siren in Sderot – warning, EMOTIONALLY GRAPHIC. (The video is from 2008, but the attacks have been going on for years now…)

Something I find myself considering: I know I could carry both my children in my arms, but what if I had a third?

Here’s what a mother of two has to say about becoming a maternal human shield for her children on the side of a road in Beer Sheva as the sirens sound above her.

What a rocket looks like up close:

The IDF blog has up-to-the-minute updates about rocket attacks across southern Israel (among other news). You can also follow several local Facebook pages in English/Hebrew to get that personal view I’m talking about:

Does anyone know what the innocent people, including children, in Gaza look like? What it sounds like to be under Gazan skies?

We should hope and pray for the innocents of both Gaza and southern Israel, who are being treated like human shields and war zone targets on a daily basis.

We should know a time soon when our governing bodies – be they elected parliaments or terror organizations – have no more reason to fight fire with fire and put our lives at stake.

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