We’re all about attachment parenting in Tzur Hadassah.

A-parently, Tzur Hadassah has taken sides in the Mommy Wars. And it seems, according to the latest decor to adorn our giant rocks at the East gate… attachment parenting is the winner.

Stam. We have all kinds of parenting styles here. Organic foodies. Maadan = yogurt types. Nurse till age 3. Nurse till age 6. Feed ’em maadan until they turn R-186 pink.

The two latest statue additions are very heartwarming, though. If you remember, we recently got some dove love at the West gate.

Presenting… mother and baby deer, unafraid to breastfeed in public:

And mama bird feeding her baby with pre-chewed dinner:

Props to the sculptor; I’ll have to clarify the name and update. Isn’t it wonderful living in a community filled with artists?


Whadya got: