koala update

Bebe update: Twenty two months

Yesterday, during our morning cuddle routine, you did something interesting.

Actually, I’ve noticed it before, but on that morning, in the still-dark room of the very-early wake up, in our deliciously-cozy bed, you took that something up a notch.

I’ve always thought it pretty powerful that when you don’t like something, you tell us ‘enough.’ I don’t mean when we’re cutting your nails or wrangling a diaper on you.

I mean when we tickle you, and you’ve had enough. When we cuddle you, and it’s been too much. When you’ve been showered with kisses, or hugs, and you make it very clear to us: Enough. Stop.

Yesterday, I was tickling you, cuddling you, hugging you, and you loved it, and then you said enough, and then you pulled back and looked at me, your eyes serious, you said it again, and delicately put my hands away from you, to my own chest.

Bebe, there’s something I want you to know, to keep, to treasure forever: You’re ability to say no.

I know you’re nearly two, and it’s a part of reaching a new expressive stage. I know that it will be annoying for me and your abba, many many many times over.

But. But. Do not stop saying no where it counts. Showing no when you need to.

You love cuddling, hugging, kissing, and we love that you love it.

But I also love that you know when to firmly indicate no.