Story of Passover (child labor edition)

It's ok to help mother with cleaning for Passover. It might not be ok for her to involve the children in sanitizing her toxic home office. Also, the first time a child discovers a vacuum cleaner is super fun. Me: How do you say vacuum b'ivrit? Him: Maybe 'vachuum' (וחיום)?

Yes, I let my kids watch TV.

This is how a recovering poli sci major does parenting. Then the following exchange made me feel dirty: "Who is that man?" "The president of the United States." "Oh." "Moshe Rabeinu was the manhig (leader) of Bnei Yisrael, right?" "Right." "So President Obama is the manhig of America and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is the... Continue Reading →

My first dog run.

My run this morning got a little messy - but way more fun - when my running partner joined. If you live in Tzur Hadassah and this is your dog, man, you are lucky. I hope you're a runner too! It's such a thrill running with a dog (even if it was just for a... Continue Reading →

We thought we saw it all, Bnei Brak. Then you do this.

Kashrut enthusiasts! Kosher-keeping container collectors, gather round! You've seen the blue Dairy stickers... You've used the red Meat stickers... You've stuck on green Pareve stickers... You've dusted off the purple Passover stickers... And now, for a limited time only, you have the stunning option of adorning your most chametzidik dishware with the one, the only... ...'Sold... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Mama got BUSTED.

I just got BUSTED. Lately Koala has been exploring his artistic side, especially in the scissors department. Yesterday he was cutting paper into tiny squares and giving them to me as presents while I worked at my desk. "Ima, here's a nice one. This is a nice square. Take this Ima." Because I do have... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Reflecting

Sitting on the starting line curb, stretching my legs pre-run, wondering how much self-doubt I had left to overcome, this was exactly what I needed to see. Week 11: Reflecting Sometimes what we're not is a reflection of what we truly are.  

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