Parenting in Israel sometimes.

I made it till 1:34pm today without hearing, reading, or talking about Syria, gas masks, or missiles.

The biggest news, since the US didn’t strike when everyone assumed (yesterday), is the fact that Israelis are waiting hours, sometimes whole days, in line at gas mask handout points. Only 60% of Israelis are equipped with up-to-date gas masks but Pikud HaOref hasn’t called everyone up to collect, no one has declared an emergency, and the government is showing calm.

Then again, no one wants to leave this up to fate. Or governments.

Parenting here feels exactly like this sometimes:

The quote by a father waiting in line yesterday, goes something like this…

“I have two kids and I can’t just trust this insane Syrian won’t do anything. If it means drying out here in the heat, then that’s what I have to do to protect my children – that’s what it will be.”





Whadya got: