Fun, free day in Israel with kids: Visit the ‘Hebrew park’ in Rishon Letzion

Around six months ago, Rishon Letzion opened two new ‘themed’ parks: ‘Gan B’Ivrit’ and ‘Gan Musica’ – big open spaces with a different sort of take on play equipment for kids.

On Friday I got to settle my curiousity and we visited the Hebrew park. Aside from a few really gorgeous park equipment setups, grassy areas for kicking a ball, and lots of open bbq space, the idea there is to offer a few alphabet-themed attractions.

First, the Aleph Bet water fountain, which was perfect, because it was an exceptionally hot day for beginning of March. Jerusalem-hill-ites that we are, I did not come prepared with bathing suits or change of clothes (or… sunscreen) but the kids managed to get doused (and dry, pretty quickly). It’s refreshing to see these types of water fountains opening up in parks around the country.

Rishon Letzion Gan B'Ivrit

Moving on, we hit a whole range of aleph-bet and language related equipment. The ‘mountain climbing’ through letters was a fun one:

Rishon Letzion Gan B'Ivrit

And the words wall was a little over my little kids’ heads but we did pick out some fun ones to read and recognize letters…

Rishon Letzion Gan B'Ibvrit

There was also a chalkboard wall for practicing letters. And the Wikipedia entry boasts a few more sections we didn’t see.

And the fish pond was sweet, too.

Rishon Letzion Gan B'Ivrit




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