Nettles update: Nine months

You are a force.

Barring, well, physics, you are unstoppable.

The world is your jungle gym. You will claw and climb until you get there (by the way, ouch, get your nails cut).

I couldn’t figure out what was missing – your siblings had a coffee table to learn how to stand up with. We long ditched it, so now there’s not much. Except there is, because I in the last week, I’ve found you’ve figured it out.

So today I caught you like this: (“Oh, that’s a walker?”)

“Ma!!! Ma what are these things in the bath?!?!”

A couple Fridays ago we enjoyed The Great Onion Discovery.

You mangled your prize.

You’ll play along with the rest of them… As long as you’re involved in what’s going on, you’re content.

Especially when it involves mangling.

And, if I haven’t made it clear, you move too fast to be photographed.







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