Fifty-Two Frames: What I’ve Learned

Week 52: What I’ve Learned


This is my last submission to 52 Frames.

I joined in 2012 and never missed a week. Using smartphones, I played, stretched, doubted, proved, even made the cover once off an HTC Desire! I struggled with editing. I learned about focus, macro, layers & getting down on the street for a weird angle. I learned the best things are nestled within imperfection. To submit every single time even with no juice left.

This year proved I’m stubborn enough to see the project through, but also tired of not being proud of what I submit. Of submitting, consistently, for the sake of submitting. Life got too hectic. In a good way. In a ‘too many choices’ way.

I promise to keep seeing things differently. I hope I will continue sharing what I see.

Thanks to Yosef and the 52Frames community for pushing me these three years.

Happy shooting in 2016!





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