the wordle turtle

Let’s have a wordle

I introduced my 12-year-old son to Wordle. At the same time, I introduced him to וורדעל. I love that both prospects are exciting, and we’re chatting with each other throughout the day about it (I still shudder at the fact he has a smartphone even if whatsapping together is a huge comms improvement).

the wordle turtle

You know what else is fun that they don’t necessarily tell you about the older kid phase? Sharing a sense of humor (ok not all 12-year-old boy humor but a certain type of geek humor).

And also discovering your preteen’s texting voice, compared to their actual talking tone (the latter is surprisingly proper!).

Also watching them discover, test and sense their own style.

And have preferences.

And be people when they’re not being immobile, screen-glaring gallumps.

I’m grateful for Wordle, a wholesome few minutes of whatsapp chatting with a tween.






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