Nettles update: nine years

I spent a lot of this last year thinking about wiring. The way our brains are wired. What does that mean? Yeah, it sounds weird, I know. Not like wires, what’s running around the office desk or what you pick up and randomly turn into some art project. It’s more the way our minds take information we see, hear, feel, and try to understand it.

People are wired differently. For some people, they remember what they see very well – they have a photographic memory. Maybe for them, seeing is everything. For some people, small details are hard to remember, no matter how they get access to them – watching, listening, reading.

And the world we live in likes to categorize people for the way they are wired. Not like a rainbow, where every type of color gets to shine in its own place, in its own way, all lined up together making something awesome.

It’s more like… slapping stickers onto products. This one is $4.99. That one is $13.99.

I love navigating your wiring. That is to say, I love getting to know you more and more as you unfold, as we peel back layers and layers of wires that lead you to be who you are.

It would be easy to make assumptions about any person, based on the stickers society slaps onto them.

But that could mean blocking the view into you, not seeing so much underneath the surface. And I’m so grateful you’re surrounded by people – your siblings, your teachers, your friends especially – who are so consumed with knowing you, deeply, and being a part of your incredible world.





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