Zooey update: seven years

The highlight of my last year with you is watching you take what you want and leave behind what you don’t. That’s not to be taken for granted with everything that comes with starting school, developing new friends, navigating new skills, and of course… being the youngest of four.

The highlight of my highlight was your Purim costume. Weeks before, when I asked what you wanted to be so we could prep, you said סמי הכבאי (Sam the Fireman), aka, a fireman. Yes! Fun costume to home-make.

As time when on, I checked in – made sure that’s what you still wanted, as friends around you dropped like flies for princesses and fairies.

“Ima, I told you already. Sami Hacabai.”

So… we made you a firewoman. With firetruck and all. And the morning we dropped you off at school with your getup, you were just so. so. so. ecstatic.

Vision -> reality pipeline success.

You did what you wanted. I hope you always do.






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