It’s not the end of the world, because nothing ever is.

Maybe it’s eventually the end of my world, or yours. More likely, it’s a transition into a different world, one where… one where a lot of fears become reality, where others don’t, where things we never imagined happening do happen, where things we hoped would happen are left with a minuscule chance.

But whether this falling apart -> building a new world here in Israel is what any one of us hoped for or nightmared over, what I don’t understand, what I really struggle to understand is how so many of my peers – peers – peers in societal standing, in income, in family values, in so many ways – don’t connect dots. Don’t think about down the line. Not even to next year, never mind a decade from now.

Or maybe, what I really don’t understand is this –

Why don’t more people concern themselves with balance?

Balance is everywhere – in nature, in our bodies, in down to the cellular level, literally.

Why do we think we are above balance?

Or is that people don’t generally think about it at all?

And if balance isn’t really their thing, what about domino effects? Can you defy gravity, too? If, then; if, then; have we not seen this over and over in history?

Humans are so weird; a species that tracks history so delicately, only to completely ignore it.

Humans are wired to march to their own destruction, when the keys to avoiding it are right here, tucked right inside our own makeup. Mapped out in tens of trillions of tiny cells, programmed to float freely as long as they stay on course in a bodily sea of survival.

We’re not universally good at kindness. Or wired to particularly care about anyone outside our clans.

But one thing we all have in common is a need to stay physiologically balanced.

But for so many, that doesn’t translate into anything above the surface.





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