Zooey update: nineteen months

Monkey see, monkey do, Zooey is watching and something is hatching... there are so many ways to learn and yours is a given - three big siblings to watch, to eyeball, to scrutinize, and decide whether you want to try it yourself. It's your way.

The last week.

This isn’t how I thought it would end. I didn’t think the end would begin with a deep soreness, tiny stabs of pain, highlighted by stinging tears; the added torture of me trying to hold all this in and stay strong for you, to avoid the chance you'd feel unwhole, to acknowledge your instinctual longing,... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: eighteen months

It may be autumn but your steps are in full bloom. Your toddle is... toddle-y, and exactly as it should be. It's not that you couldn't walk or wouldn't walk, but I think we both know you were going to go with what came easier to you as you cautiously sorted out the whole walking... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: seventeen months

We've been waiting for you to join us, and you're finally having your Neil Armstrong moment. One small step, Zooey, is another month until you'll be racing after us? Hello! Hello? Hello. Waving or saying it or pretending to talk on the phone. Mostly pretending to be talking on the phone. Talking on anything but a... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: sixteen months

Summer, full-time This is the first time in eight years we haven't gone abroad to visit extended family for part of August. I feel a little bad, as you'd get a bunch of spoiling, but we did travel in May, your grandpa has come for a week, and you have been abroad three times in... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: fifteen months

We can hear you... your language is taking better shape... whether it's your soft babble or your 'dis' or your just-barely 'emma'. We hear you, Zooey. We're listening. Or maybe it's your language in movement... your little sideways waves. Or maybe it's your attempt at major movement - trying to walk. Taking steps to taking... Continue Reading →

Soft hair.

"Ima, feel how soft my hair is." How many times have we said/heard our girl friends say this? "Ima my hair is so smooth today, I used extra conditioner." She has thick hair and it gets knotty; I tell her to use double. "Ima, <boy friend> is going to love it..." Huh? "He tells me... Continue Reading →

Zoey update: fourteen months

Sisters. You have a couple. And one sings you sweet songs and strokes your chubba arms and gives you kisses. And the other kinda tortures you. ...and then she sings you sweet songs and strokes your chubba arms and gives you kisses. And while you're not being entertained by your siblings' madness, you're learning to entertain... Continue Reading →

Zooey update: thirteen months

Let's hear it for the world-traveling babies! The babies who try new things! The babies who aren't afraid to fly! (Literally!) The worldly babies who won't wait around, will grab your plate, will have what they're having. The babies who climb up the stone stairs when you're not paying attention, when your back is turned... Continue Reading →

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