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  • Nettles update: seven years

    Nettles update: seven years

    If last year’s birthday felt totally eye-glazed and desolate… the year that followed was like being trapped in a box but actually, the box helped you break out while stuck inside. I’m not sure where to begin as far as how you’ve forged ahead, and continued growing, refusing to fall behind or be let down. […]

  • Koala update: eleven years

    Koala update: eleven years

    Memes and friends and global outlooks warned me that as my son would get older, you’d become less affectionate or more wary of showing emotion. You wouldn’t know it by looking around our house…

  • Zooey update: four years

    Zooey update: four years

    You might think, Zooey, that as the fourth or last to do something, it would be less exciting. We’ve seen the others take steps, we’ve seen the others ride bikes, we’ve seen the others draw a face for the first time. But that’s not what makes you, or any of you, special or interesting; the […]

  • Bebe update: nine years

    Bebe update: nine years

    I am new at this having-a-daughter thing, even if I’m nine years in. In fact, each passing day I am new at it. Are we ever not new at it? You may have an older brother, but you’re definitely the oldest sister; your sisters look up to you – especially Nettles, who worships you at […]

  • Nettles update: six years.

    Nettles update: six years.

    “Ima, I want to call Grandma.”  That’s how it’s been for days since we left New York, rushed, unplanned, in the style of not letting dough rise.  We basically fled the city, across the ocean, back to the Middle East, straight into quarantine. Straight into days of looking into your eyes, which have been glazed […]

  • Hammock for one.

    Hammock for one.

    It gets harder every year. Yom HaShoah. Yom HaZicaron. Every year the ticking accelerates. Every year I realize all over again how important it is to not take any of it for granted. Every hug, every cuddle. Every whispered secret. Every question. Every silent moment, holding hands. Feeling up-down-up-down of a tiny chest against my […]

  • Koala update: Ten years

    Koala update: Ten years

    Ten things I love about you this year: 1. You read like I do. Viciously, hungrily.  2. While you’ve always had your own sense of style, it’s starting to become sharper. And you care. 3. The girls in your class respect you. Because you respect them. 4. You still find it hard to control your […]

  • Zooey update: Three years

    Zooey update: Three years

    Three is crossing the sometimes thin line between ‘noket’ and kid… There are things about you that go beyond age.

  • Bebe update: Eight years

    Bebe update: Eight years

    Eight years ago, the universe gave me a gift. It’s not just that I had my second baby, or my first daughter, or a calm birth. Somehow I had been a partner in creating and developing and now maintaining an actual Angel. I think whatever angels are supposed to mean for different people, a common […]

  • Nettles update: five years

    Nettles update: five years

    To the Nettles who’s been asking me for 8 months when she’ll be ‘this many’… Your love of fun is infectious, easily spreadable like your daily Vegemite… Your curiosity makes me want to learn the world all over again from your point of view… Your jokes are somehow hilarious every time… Your eyes could sway […]

  • The Harry Potter themed 9 3/4 birthday

    The Harry Potter themed 9 3/4 birthday

    I threw my son a Harry Potter themed birthday party for his 9 3/4 birthday. Yes, that’s actually 3 months before his real birthday. And I did it because I am a genius and have unlocked Parenting Level: 347, the one where you had all four of your kids in the same 4.5 week span […]

  • It’s too sad.

    It’s too sad.

    It’s been unexpectedly bizarre dealing with my feelings about the horrific slaughter of 11 worshipping Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue this past Shabbat. So many aspects to this are too soul crushing – …it was a brit mila ceremony… …it was a house of worship… …it was way closer to home… …it was […]