Koala update: Ten years

Ten things I love about you this year:

1. You read like I do. Viciously, hungrily. 

2. While you’ve always had your own sense of style, it’s starting to become sharper. And you care.

3. The girls in your class respect you. Because you respect them.

4. You still find it hard to control your emotions at times, but you’re a lot more aware of it.

5. You’re really religious minded, in a reverant, childlike way.

6. You enjoy research projects, and you actually care for presentation. 

7. You still let me give you hugs, deep ones, and you don’t even squirm.

8. You’re always down for a party.

9. The long hair isn’t a phase.

10. Family is really important to you, no matter how diverse, hectic, and weird it all can be.






Whadya got: