Koala update: Ten years

Ten things I love about you this year: 1. You read like I do. Viciously, hungrily.  2. While you've always had your own sense of style, it's starting to become sharper. And you care. 3. The girls in your class respect you. Because you respect them. 4. You still find it hard to control your... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Nine years

What a year, man. This time last year I was terrified to break your heart, making the decision to change schools. You are a deep thinker and a deeper feeler... but somehow your intense curiosity got the better of any fear... open minded to trying new things, when they feel right... and here we are.... Continue Reading →

Koala update: eight years

Recently we were laying in my bed, reading together. Well, you, the Jedi Academy books; me, A Man Called Ove. At some point I looked up from my pages and thought - huh. I've been waiting for this for a long time. An eight-year-old boy who is journeying through his own diverse world as it comes...... Continue Reading →

Koala update: seven and a half

Did you hear the one about the kid that wanted to know everything about everything? (Aside from Sid the Science Kid, which you've grown out of,) that's... you. I can't wait to show you Wikipedia... and to catch you at 11pm with a flashlight under your covers reading in a Wikipedia spiral... Huge milestone this... Continue Reading →

On hope, afterlife, dreaming.

A couple months ago Koala and I had a 'yom kef' together and visited the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, where a central feature is Ancient Egypt and of course, everyone's favorite - the mummy. We read the signs. the child-friendly materials, we saw the coffin, we saw pictures. For a few weeks after that,... Continue Reading →

Koala update: seven years

Koala, This was a great year - I loved going through age six with you. The questions you ask. The interests you take on. The requests you make, constantly, for an 'iPhone, iPad, or even a computer.' Uh huh. Anyway, I can't keep up with you. Here are (just) seven new things you learned to do... Continue Reading →

Who’s on first?!

"it's very exciting! it means they won all the games they had to win so they get to the World Series." "what's world series?" "when they play the last seven games against the other team and the team that wins the most, which is four, wins the whole thing." "why seven?" "I dunno. it's best... Continue Reading →

Ballad of the backpack begins.

It's the night before first grade starts. I guess I've lived through multiple (somewhere around 30+) of these nights, but this one is different. By my front door there's a Spiderman backpack filled with lined notebooks... clear plastic book covers... pencils... Everything is still innocent. Everything is still fresh-faced and calm. Bracing for the change. And... Continue Reading →

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