Fifty-Two Paragraphs

Sometimes, pretending to be an amateur photographer helps me be creative. In choosing a photo to submit for this week's Fifty-Two Frames, I asked my husband about a cheeky idea I had. "I think you're a writer, not a photographer." In other words, I seem to enjoy playing with the captions more than handling the... Continue Reading →

For one day only.

My fourth time at the Writing Gym and we did a collective character exercise again, this time with two characters. I didn't include every detail (ran out of time) and it's pretty rough but below is what I came up with from the following:  Andrew, 55-year-old male currently in Sfat, confused about religious affiliation, single,... Continue Reading →

Wherein I flip the details.

Enjoyed today's 'Writing Gym,' especially the last exercise we did. As a group, we collaborated on a few details for a character, and then each wrote a scene involving her. The details were:  A woman in her 50s, named Dorothy, single From Omaha, Nebraska, currently in London, UK Some connection to being a born again... Continue Reading →

Oh, we’re nowhere near the end.

In honor of this 'writing exercise' turning 8-years-old this week, I'm posting a quickie writing workout (rapid-write) I did today at my newest adventure, a 6-session Writing Gym. So I've been writing since I could write. Since writing was drawing. Since the drawings began accompanying the words. Since the words dropped the drawings and filled their own... Continue Reading →

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