It’s too sad.

It's been unexpectedly bizarre dealing with my feelings about the horrific slaughter of 11 worshipping Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue this past Shabbat. So many aspects to this are too soul crushing - was a brit mila ceremony... was a house of worship... was way closer to home... was... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Paragraphs

Sometimes, pretending to be an amateur photographer helps me be creative. In choosing a photo to submit for this week's Fifty-Two Frames, I asked my husband about a cheeky idea I had. "I think you're a writer, not a photographer." In other words, I seem to enjoy playing with the captions more than handling the... Continue Reading →

For one day only.

My fourth time at the Writing Gym and we did a collective character exercise again, this time with two characters. I didn't include every detail (ran out of time) and it's pretty rough but below is what I came up with from the following:  Andrew, 55-year-old male currently in Sfat, confused about religious affiliation, single,... Continue Reading →

Wherein I flip the details.

Enjoyed today's 'Writing Gym,' especially the last exercise we did. As a group, we collaborated on a few details for a character, and then each wrote a scene involving her. The details were:  A woman in her 50s, named Dorothy, single From Omaha, Nebraska, currently in London, UK Some connection to being a born again... Continue Reading →

Oh, we’re nowhere near the end.

In honor of this 'writing exercise' turning 8-years-old this week, I'm posting a quickie writing workout (rapid-write) I did today at my newest adventure, a 6-session Writing Gym. So I've been writing since I could write. Since writing was drawing. Since the drawings began accompanying the words. Since the words dropped the drawings and filled their own... Continue Reading →

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