The baby leaves of Israel.

Today's Hebrew lesson: עלי בייבי Not a hard term to learn in Hebrew. It means 'baby leaves' - you know, those tiny bits of greenery you put in salad that cost more than the other vegetables combined? It's also a term I made up for a certain type of middle-aged Israeli woman - you know... Continue Reading →

Babies need stuff.

Tada! In a feat I could never have pulled off on my own, we have managed to choose and order and place a deposit on a baby package consisting of furniture/stuff/things. That, about a week after we first became traumitized when taking a commerical peek at what we were in for.  To answer a few questions:  What... Continue Reading →

Today's word: אעזקה

So. That dysfunctional red alert siren (אעזקה) today in Jerusalem. Not cool, siren-maintance man. Not cool.  I was sitting in my office and it very s l o w l y dawned on me that I was hearing a siren in the back of my head. I put my head to the window and realized... Continue Reading →

Today's word: דופק

Today we had our first official visit with an ob-gyn (male, charedi) doctor. All in all, a positive experience. I wasn't expecting anything crazy, pretty much a questionnaire of whether I smoke and if I'm taking vitamins. Oddly, neither of those topics came up. Oh sure, I've been to Israeli gynos before, male charedi gynos... Continue Reading →

Today's word: טקס

We attended the Yom Hashoah tekes (טקס or ceremony) tonight, organized by the neighborhood Scouts and Bnei Akiva kids. It was very much a small-town tekes. A few things came to mind while I stood and watched: It never occurred to me before how it must have been for the Mizrachi population to get to... Continue Reading →

Today's word: שוקו ולחמניה

It must be Israeli food day at work. They just brought us a classic Israeli snack, and as one coworker remarked, "what are we, in kindergarten?" It's שוקו ולחמניה, a white roll with "shoko b'sakit", or chocolate milk in a bag: I realize how weird that may sound, but I guess that weirdness was broken... Continue Reading →

Today's word: תאונת דרכים

Here's what I get to listen to 45293436% of the time while driving home from school. It's a loosely translated sampling of the radio D.J. on Galgalatz reading the traffic report: "And now, the traffic. Folks, take it easy on the roads out there... We all want to get home safely, and we all need... Continue Reading →

Today's word: שנאת חינם

Here's a backup to my last post in case it wasn't enough to get my point across. I proudly observe my own brand of Jewishness - and consider it great, holy and everything else - if my alternative for spiritual 'climbing' is this: U.S. immigrant beaten up in 'pogrom' by ultra-Orthodox gang "An American immigrant... Continue Reading →

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