Babies need stuff.

Tada! In a feat I could never have pulled off on my own, we have managed to choose and order and place a deposit on a baby package consisting of furniture/stuff/things. That, about a week after we first became traumitized when taking a commerical peek at what we were in for. 

To answer a few questions: 

What is a baby package?

Instead of ordering everything separately and possibly spending more than you’d need to – and also (possibly) to make it waaay less overwhelming – they bundle a standard package which you can add on to and choose from within. It includes a crib, dresser/changing surface, stroller, infant car seat, bath, and a whole bunch of little things to get you started (and, yes, to get you hooked on baby-scented name brands). 

What is Motzizim?

Well, for starters, motzetz (מוֹצֵץ) is the Hebrew word for pacifier (or dummy as my husband says it, or binky as my family referred to it, or sucker as the store owners probably call it).

Motzitzim (מוצצים) is a big baby store chain that probably resembles the closest we’d get to an American baby superstore. They have branches across the country. I can’t speak for other branches, but the one in Talpiot, Jerusalem was probably the finest customer service I have ever had in this country. And really, no wonder: the baby business is big business, especially in such a family-friendly country as Israel.

While I’m at it, shout out to Ruti, who totally rocks and didn’t play on the first-time parents stereotype too  much. 

There are other baby stores around Jerusalem, and some of the others we visited in Talpiot were Dr. Baby, Shilav and the back of Bizaar Strauss, but the prices weren’t any lower really and the selections were lame. Others would agree. 

How do we get the goods?

After I easily and wonderfully and painlessly deliver the child, tired husband calls the store and let’s them know we are ready for the – second – delivery (ok, fine, only one of those action items actually take place). Within 48 hours they are meant to come to our apartment and set up the furniture. 

So… that was definitely easier than I thought. And it didn’t hurt our budget too badly. On to birthing class!


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